Classy Nails & Spa



The deluxe package
Includes deluxe manicure/
Gel polish, and deluxe Pedicure
$74 Original Price
The signature package
Includes: deluxe manicure/
Gel polish, and signature Pedicure
$79 Original Price
The seasonal package
Includes: deluxe manicure/
Gel polish, and seasonal Pedicure
$89 Original Price
The princess package 
Deluxe Gel manicure, Herbal Pedicure, Jelly Soak
$104 Original Price
The queen package deluxe
Deluxe Gel manicure, Herbal Pedicure, Jelly Soak
30 mins hand massage
$134 Original Price
The King package deluxe
Deluxe Gel manicure, Herbal Pedicure, Jelly Soak
30 mins hand massage and relaxation facial
$189 Original Price

Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner (top) or (bottom)$150.00
Eyeliner (top & bottom)$275.00


Relaxing (35-40 mins)$55.00
Deep Pore (45-55 mins)$65.00
European (45-60 mins)$75.00

Ear Piercing

Ear Lobe$30.00
$30 two or more


Hold 1 or 2 weeks$25.00
Hold at least a month
(free one time touch up after two weeks )
Take off$10.00
$5 with new set of lash

Dipping Nail Enhancements

A longer lasting manicure that will strengthen your natural nail without any harsh chemicals.
Last up to 3 weeks

On Natural Nails Full Set$40.00
French Dip Set$45.00
Add Tip Extension$10.00
Repair Per Nail$5.00
Soak Off Dip$5.00

Artificial Nails

Coffin & Stiletto Shape. Add $5
(Prices may vary with the length and shape)

AcrylicFull set
Fill in
Gel (clear)Full set
Fill in
Gel colorFull set
Fill in
SolarFull set
Fill in
Pink & WhiteFull set
Fill In Pink only/ $35
with White/ $40.00

Complimentary Drinks



Includes disposable file, buffer, and sterilized equipment. All gel polish is guaranteed within 14 days, if anything chips in the first 7 days it will be repaired at no cost.

Spa Manicure$16.00
Deluxe Manicure (sugar scrub)$21.00
Hot oil Manicure (mentholated for aching muscles)$21.00
Gel Manicure (solid color)$31.00
French or American tip added to any Manicure$5.00
Gel soak off$5.00
Kids under 10 Manicure$13.00
Gel Polish (solid color)$20.00

Additional Services

Take off artificial nails$10.00
Polish Change (finger)$7 (color)
$9 (French or American tip)
Polish Change (toes)$9 (color)
$11 (French or American tip)
Nail repair$3 & up
Design$3 & up
Kids under 10Polish Change
Hands $5
Toes $7


Includes disposable liner, file, buffer, and sterilized equipment. All pedicure includes callus remover.

Spa Pedicure$28.00Children under 10: $18
Deluxe Pedicure
Individual package(sea salt soak, moisture scrub, massage lotion and hydration mask)
$38.00Children under 10: $28
Signature Pedicure
Products include argan oil and detox(sea salt soak, nourish scrub, massage cream and hydration mask)
$42.00Children under 10: $32
Seasonal Pedicure
Organic products (foot soak, sugar scrub, moisture cream hydration mask and hot stone massage)
$53.00Children under 10: $41
Herbal Pedicure
Included an all natural organic herbal exfoliation of your choice to give you the best spa experience you've ever had! Helps with rejuvenation, congestion, mental clarity, herbal detox, and MORE! Also includes hot stone massage (50-75 mins)
$63.00Children under 10: $50
Add Bath Bomb to your pedicure. Aloe and Ginseng soften rough skin, and help prevent dryness$7.00Children under 10: $10


Bio tones cream added $7 for 30 min $12 1 hour massage.
Inflammation-reducing, healing qualities offer muscle and joint recovery benefits for maximum sports massage effectiveness.

Reflexology Foot Massage30 mins/ $2560 mins/ $40
Head Neck and Shoulder Massage1.00 per min


Underarm$15.00 +
Half Arm$30.00 +
Full Arm$40.00 +
Half Leg$40.00 +
Full Leg$65.00 +
Bikini$40.00 +
Brazilian$60.00 +